If you Raspbian, then you’re using Debian Linux. Raspbian comes with apps like open-source Chromium, the full OpenOffice suite, and much much more. It also comes pre-installed with both Python 2 and Python 3. I use Python 3, and made a searching utility (see the downloads page, coming soon!). The problem with this utility was that I was using the “webbrowser” module, which opens up a link in the default web browser. On Raspbian, the default is Chromium, but not for Python. To Python, incognito-mode Chromium is the default. To solve this issue, simply take out the “webbrowser” module out of your program, and replace it with the “os” module. To open a site in Chromium from the Terminal, type “chromium-browser [link address]”. Add this to your program by adding “os.system(“[command]”).