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Galaxy S8 – Ringtones

You asked for it, we brought it! Ok, you probably didn’t ask, but we still brought it. Recently, someone I know got the Samsung Galaxy S8 and switched from an iPhone. Samsung’s Smart Switch app imported everything except, the custom… Continue Reading →

My Favorite Android Apps

There are millions of apps on Google Play, the Android app store. My favorites are in a list, right here. Fing (Domotz¬†Ltd.) A powerful network scanner Able to scan local networks Can ping, traceroute, and scan services by entering an… Continue Reading →

The Personal IP Address Discovery Tool

I recently created a utility that gets a device’s local IP address, their public IP address, the hostname of the device, and the OS of the device. The Python app will run on Android devices, provided you have a Python 3… Continue Reading →

Meraki MR32 – Stand

Someone I know owns a Cisco Meraki MR32. This router supports many networks, many client devices, and much more. For more information, check out the datasheet published by Cisco Systems. The MR32 works best standing upright, with the status LED on… Continue Reading →

Web Browsing on Linux (Python)

If you Raspbian, then you’re using Debian Linux. Raspbian comes with apps like open-source Chromium, the full OpenOffice suite, and much much more. It also comes pre-installed with both Python 2 and Python 3. I use Python 3, and made… Continue Reading →


I have embarked on a personal project. I want to create a watch. This watch must have a) a medium-sized touchscreen, b) an easy-to-use interface. I found the way in PiWatch. PiWatch is custom-developed software, using JavaScript libraries (Moment.JS), jQuery… Continue Reading →

Need to Contact Me?

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Dear blog readers, If you need to contact me, there are multiple ways. These ways are: Direct Message me on Twitter (@hkamran80) Direct Message me on Instagram (@hkamran80) Email Me! (hkamran@unisontech.org) Contact me any time. Regards, H. Kamran


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Hello world! We’re H. Kamran and O. Afzal, and we’re going to be your hosts on this blog. Did I mention we are the duo of US Cousins?¬†This is my blog where I help you with mobile and desktop problems…. Continue Reading →

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