Recently, I acquired the Corsair K55 RGB gaming keyboard. Since I use a MacBook Pro running on macOS High Sierra, as of June 20, 2018, I wanted to add a macro (“a single instruction that expands automatically into a set of instructions to perform a particular task.”, Oxford Dictionaries) to lock the screen. With High Sierra, Apple introduced a keyboard shortcut to lock the screen, something users greatly appreciated. Before the shortcut, users had to activate a feature in Keychain Access. The shortcut is the reason that the macro works. To lock the screen, you can click “Control+Command+Q”.

To record a macro, click the “MR” button once, at the top of the keyboard, then press the macro key (G1-G6) you want to use and the “M” light next to the “MR”/brightness/Windows lock buttons should start rapidly blinking. When it starts blinking, enter the keyboard shortcut. Note: The keyboard shortcut WILL be executed on the computer. Then, once finished, click the “MR” button once again to save the shortcut.