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Google Easter Eggs

Atari Breakout “Artificial Intelligence” for Google’s Atari Breakout: function ballx(){return parseFloat(document.querySelector("#breakout-ball").style.left.split("px")[0]);} function update(e){try{document.querySelector("#breakout-paddle").style.left=(ballx()-75)+"px";}catch(ex){}}var intervalTimer = setInterval(update, 0);

Corsair K55: Macros

Recently, I acquired the Corsair K55 RGB gaming keyboard. Since I use a MacBook Pro running on macOS High Sierra, as of June 20, 2018, I wanted to add a macro (“a single instruction that expands automatically into a set… Continue Reading →

SchoolLoop Module

As a user of SchoolLoop, I found that I hated the SchoolLoop web interface. The app didn’t work on my Android devices. To overcome this, I started writing a SchoolLoop connector. This connector gets current grades and homework, teachers, period… Continue Reading →

Logging in to Amazon with Python

Recently, I was trying to buy all of Amazon’s free books, but I was having trouble with one thing, logging into Amazon to buy the books. After a few hours research, I came across two Stack Overflow questions that attempted… Continue Reading →

Need to Contact Me?

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Dear blog readers, If you need to contact me, there are multiple ways. These ways are: Direct Message me on Twitter (@hkamran80) Direct Message me on Instagram (@hkamran80) Email Me! (hkamran@unisontech.org) Contact me any time. Regards, H. Kamran


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Hello world! We’re H. Kamran and O. Afzal, and we’re going to be your hosts on this blog. Did I mention we are the duo of US Cousins?┬áThis is my blog where I help you with mobile and desktop problems…. Continue Reading →

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