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SchoolLoop API

Welcome back, readers! Today, after a long while, I have posted. This post is regarding a SchoolLoop API that I wrote. This unofficial API allows access to a student’s grades, teacher names, and course names. The code is all on… Continue Reading →

The Personal IP Address Discovery Tool

I recently created a utility that gets a device’s local IP address, their public IP address, the hostname of the device, and the OS of the device. The Python app will run on Android devices, provided you have a Python 3… Continue Reading →

Web Browsing on Linux (Python)

If you Raspbian, then you’re using Debian Linux. Raspbian comes with apps like open-source Chromium, the full OpenOffice suite, and much much more. It also comes pre-installed with both Python 2 and Python 3. I use Python 3, and made… Continue Reading →

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