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Google + Dark Mode

Google has made a lot of their apps, get a dark mode. This is probably due to the rumors of Android Q getting a system-wide dark mode, not unlike macOS Mojave. To make it easier for all of you, this… Continue Reading →

Camera Apps for Android

Have you ever disliked your built-in camera app? Phone doesn’t support 360 degree pictures, or panoramas? Want that time lapse feature that So-and-so has? Have no fear, for today we’re bringing tou: Camera Apps for Android! Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile (Free,… Continue Reading →

Galaxy S8 – Ringtones

You asked for it, we brought it! Ok, you probably didn’t ask, but we still brought it. Recently, someone I know got the Samsung Galaxy S8 and switched from an iPhone. Samsung’s Smart Switch app imported everything except, the custom… Continue Reading →

My Favorite Android Apps

There are millions of apps on Google Play, the Android app store. My favorites are in a list, right here. Fing (DomotzĀ Ltd.) A powerful network scanner Able to scan local networks Can ping, traceroute, and scan services by entering an… Continue Reading →

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